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Holy Shoots!™ is for plant enthusiasts all over the world wanting to propagate their plants with as little as one droplet

Our Story

Dexter and Ruby are Perth’s leading exotic plant specialists, with a passion and dedication to plant science. With a combined background in horticulture, plant pathology and molecular science, their partnership is one of a kind.

Their passion for plants began early on in their lives. Dexter growing up in a family with a small nursery business. His father is an Agronomist and mother was a Soil Scientist. He was always in the nursery or helping his family at the plant markets. This led him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture in the University where he met Ruby, who was then pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Pathology, and later worked in Molecular Science.

When they moved to Perth, they wanted to reconnect with their old hobby of collecting plants which got them into importing rare and exotic tropical plants. With insistent demand from public, they’ve created an online plant business, Flora Magnifica Australia, as an avenue to share their passion to other enthusiasts. At the start of the business they struggled to find a quality product that would help with faster propagation. So with their vast knowledge in horticulture and molecular science, they’ve created their own hormone solution and shared their results on social media.

This is when Holy Shoots!™ was born. People wanting to get access of a very effective propagation tool that would otherwise only have been exclusively used by the couple for their own propagation. After months of experimentation, documentation and tedious process of product development, the plant shooting hormone solution was created. Holy Shoots!™ is a celebration for all plant enthusiasts to level up their skills and knowledge, and experience multiple success in propagation.

The solution that promotes axillary bud growth.

Get the quickest return on your plant investment

Safe for household use

Highly recommended by plant hobbyists and enthusiasts

FREE postage Australia-wide via Auspost

Promotes multiple axillary bud growths

Excel plant propagation

Increase lushness

Locally Australian made and owned

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